How to Use our In-Built Designer


Do you want to gift your friend a gift so unique that they never forget?

Well, worry no more. With Streethut’s in-built design studio, you can personalize any product in any way you want. Choose among many personalizable products and start pouring out your imagination on the canvas.

We have a few tips and tricks that will help you get along.

Step 1 - Opening the designer

You can find and locate the Design Studio option all over the website, By the header, in the sliders, or the products themselves. Press the button and the Design Studio opens up in a new tab where you can Unleash your creativity.

Step 2 - Configure your Product

Start selecting and editing the base of your product, mainly the size, color, quantity, and other details. We charge you a fixed price for your customized apparel. However, you can always reach out to us on Instagram for more flexible pricing.

Step 3 - Designing

This is our design studio where your imagination has no limits. Simply configure your product and select from our clipart, template library or add shapes and texts and fully personalize your product.

You can also use third-party software like Canva, Photopea, or any graphic art platform and then upload the media here as in image.

If you do use third-party designing tools, make sure to upload them as a png file with a transparent background or the final print shall include the background as well.

Using Canva and Photopea, a simple design can be created which can then be used to upload onto the designer and onto your product.

Canva and Photopea serve as design tools as they have a huge library of clipart and templates. Use them to your advantage and have designs that express how you feel, what you are, or let your creativity flow onto the canvas.

So what are you waiting for?

Unleash Your Creativity!!

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